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Greyston Bakery

This photo highlights the bakery's main entrance and the light shaft.
Photo credit: Cybul and Cybul Architects


  • Location: Yonkers, NY
  • Building type(s): Industrial
  • New construction
  • 23,100 ft2 (2,140 m2)
  • Urban setting
  • Completed November 2003

Built on a 1.6-acre brownfield site in Yonkers, New York, the Greyston Bakery is a state-of-the-art production bakery. This project is the intended catalyst to revitalize this blighted area. The new bakery is a continuous, automated machine to produce brownies and other baked products. Incoming sugar, flour, and cocoa, are pumped to silos from an over-the-road tanker. From the silos, the ingredients are pumped to automated mixers, and a batter is created, formed, and then baked in a 40-foot-long tunnel oven. After the bake, two continuous spirals gradually cool the product, which is finally packaged and shipped.

Chosen as an AIA Top Ten Green Project for 2004. Submitted by Maya Lin Studio, New York City, and Cybul and Cybul Architects, Edgewater, NJ. Additional project team members are listed on the "Process" screen.

Environmental Aspects

Natural light is introduced into the facility via a skylight atrium, a three-story light shaft, and numerous windows. The south-facing light shaft allows light from the roof to penetrate the interior spaces of the bakery. The atrium introduces diffuse natural light into the two-story office area, guaranteeing most employees natural light. Large clearstory windows and viewing windows are strategically located to both add light and allow views into the facility from the street. 50% of the building relies on natural light for some portion of the illumination.

The light shaft and atrium are also ventilated, allowing for natural airflow through the bakery, which eliminates excess heat from the ovens in the summer and supplements the primary ventilation system. The passive ventilation within the bakery is supplemented by a mechanical fresh-air make-up system that filters 99% of particulates from the air. Baked products are partially cooled by ambient outside air.

A roof garden serves as a public meeting place, and adds insulation to the roof.

An efficient impingement tunnel oven is used to bake the products. The oven is so well insulated that it does not feel hot to the touch.

Owner & Occupancy

  • Owned and occupied by Greyston Foundation, Corporation, nonprofit
  • Typically occupied by 91 person, 40 hours per person per week; and 20 visitors per week, 10 hours per visitor per week


Transportation benefits, Brownfield redevelopment, Massing and orientation, Glazing, Passive solar, Efficient lighting, Adaptable design, Durability, Daylighting, Natural ventilation, Ventilation effectiveness

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Last updated: 5/19/2004

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